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Hero the Unknown Territories

Hero is a thrilling and funny adventure with professional hero, Tilger, who is cursed and transformed into an ugly, skinny, and worst yet, common peasant. Thrust into a deadly quest, he's joined by three friends who'll do anything to defend him, but it's anyone's guess what will get him killed first - his honor, bravery or ego?

Reviews from Readers

"Hero" is a great read! Hero is filled with compelling characters and action and some good laugh-out-loud moments along the way!"

"I really liked this book. The descriptions are colorful and the characters that emerge made the story feel like a Disney movie for adults. I loved the clever exchanges between characters and the shrewd way of getting the hero in and out of trouble."

"This book is outstanding, can not wait for the next book and see how the hero continues to grow. Did not want to put the kindle down, had to keep reading to find out what happens next."

"Very well written with a playful nod to Douglas Adams and Monty Python, "Hero" kept me very entertained through out. Thought provoking in places and well worth the read. I hope to see more from this author."

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On this site you'll learn about the world of Hero and the characters who live there. Whether you've already read Hero - The Unknown Territories or this is all new to you, you'll enjoy yourself. 

Inside you'll meet Tilger, Sho, Standback and read excerpts from the book plus learn a little more about their history. 

There's a blog which I hope you'll find worth your time. 

Well, that's it. What are you waiting for? Go forth and discover!